State-Wise Allocation & Distribution 5/2022

Procurement & Lifting of FR under ICDS/MDM/OWS

FR Procured by FCI (MT) FR Procured by State (MT) Total FR Procured (MT) FR Lifted by States/UTs (MT)
10266718 1369981 1,16,36,699.00 1,82,990.00

FRK Suppliers

No. of FRK Suppliers Production Capacity(MT/hr) Monthly Production Capacity(MT/month) Annual Production Capacity(MT/year)
143 1,671.00 41,785.00 5,01,417.00

Blending Enabled Rice Mills

No. of Rice Mills(Normal) No. of Rice Mills with Blending Capacity Monthly Blending Capacity(MT/month) Annual Blending Capacity(MT/year)
21,434 5,716 40,04,000.00 4,80,48,000.00